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Group Dance Lessons in Lubbock, TX


No partner necessary! Our group dance classes in Lubbock, TX are 50 minutes long and are taught with several students.

No reservations are required to attend group classes (unless you are redeeming a special offer), but we recommend arriving 15 minutes early the first time you attend class at the studio so that you will have time to complete the New Student Forms and get checked in to class. 


Classes are taught as part of a series - either progressive or non-progressive - which includes all of the sessions taught in a single month (typically 4 or 5, depending upon how the calendar falls each month).  A series is taught on the same day, at the same time throughout the month.  (For example, if the first week of the class is on a Wednesday at 7:00 PM, students would continue taking class on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM throughout the month to attend all of the weeks in the series.)

Progressive (p) classes are broken up into a four-week series typically beginning at the start of every month. The first couple of weeks will focus on fundamental principles of the dance, music, and technique. Weeks 3 & 4 will apply those principles to various combinations. Because each class in the series builds on the previous week's information, entry into the series is only allowed during the first two weeks.

Non-progressive (np) classes focus on fundamental principles of the dance, music, and technique for the first half of each class.  In the second half of the class, students apply those principles to various combinations. Entry into the series is allowed at any time.

Class Level

Levels indicate the increasing amount of skill required for, and taught in the class.  Classes marked as Level 1 are intended for beginning level students with little to no prior experience.  In order to attend a Level 2 class, students must have been passed from Level 1; Level 3 classes require that the student be passed from Level 2, and so on.  Any student who has been passed into an upper-level (2+) class is welcome - and encourged - to continue taking the lower level(s) of the class, as it helps to cement good technique and fundamentals.  (The best dancers never stop working on the basics!)

Classes marked with a single star (*) have a prerequisite in order to attend; the class description provides more details.  Instructor invitation is required to attend any class with 2 stars next to the name (**); these classes are typically for students who are part of a performance team or similar.  

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