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We offer private dance lessons in Lubbock, TX for all levels. Each class offers one-on-one attention, which allows an individual or a couple to learn at a pace that is most suitable to their needs. Individual attention ensures the most rapid and thorough learning process, and allows the student to benefit from instruction targeted to the specific information and skills needed.  In addition, private lessons are also far easier to manage for those with demanding schedules.  We offer private instruction in all styles of partner dancing and at all levels.  Individuals who are interested in taking their dancing to a competitive level will benefit greatly from private instruction.  Private lessons are 50 minutes in length.  For more information please contact the studio directly for more details.

24 hour notice is required for all cancellations, or the lesson is considered 'taken.'  If you have already purchased an introductory special, and wish to set up your private lesson, please call the studio at 806-480-0006.

Private Dance Lessons in Lubbock, TX

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